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We have a selection of homebred young stock

Member of the Welsh Cob Society

"The Wind Beneath Our Wings"

Some of our horses

Based south of Aberdeen (3 miles from Laurencekirk), we are celebrating our 21st year anniversary of the stud this year (2015). If you are out and about at the shows and events, you must have seen our beautiful part bred Welsh horses, and pure Section D’s performing in all types of classesHe was with us from being 2yrs old we lost him in 2016 aged 24 and has sired most of the Balhagarty foals. He was an extremely kind, a great character with a good conformation and action, he was also very hardy. These are the qualities he passed on to his foals. - Good Bye Old Friend You Will Be Sadly Missed, You were a joy to look at, a joy to handle, so kind with your babies and our children and it was a joy every year to see your amazing foals.


Ffoslas Lord Thomas
(D) b.1985 V.67 chestnut

Glanvyrnwy Coming King 22312
(D) v.1980 v.62 chestnut

Nesscliffe Rainbow 8915
(D) b.1969 v.53 chestnut

Golden Sunshine 4851
(D).B. 1964 v48 chestnut (light)

16325 Tireinon Dawn
(D). B.1964 v47 chestnut (dark)

43669 Maylord Mattie
(D) b.1973 v.56 chestnut

Hendy Brenin 1763
(C) b.1944 v.32 chestnut (dark)
12082 Maylord Pride
(D) b.1958 v.31 chestnut

48309 Fsoslas Welsh Maid
(D) 1974.v57 chestnut

Parc Welsh Flyer 5861
(D) b.1966 v.49 chestnut

Pentre Eiddwen Comet 1796
(C) b.1946 v.32 bay (dark)
9977 Parc Lady
(D) b.1948 v.35 bay (dark)

20443 Broughton Ivy
(D) b.1966 v.49 chestnut

Cream Bank 4107
(D) b.1961 v.46 cream
12513 Cathedine Gwith
(D) b.1958 v.42 chestnut (dark)


82748 Llansanttfraed Showgirl
(D) b.1987 v.69 black

Fronarth Llewelyn 24485
(D) b.1982 v.64 black

Cyttir Telynor 19056
(D) b.1978 v.61 black

Derwen Telynor 11531
(D) b1972 v.55 bay
45575 Arthen Bernadette
(D) b.1973 v.56 bay (dark)

59327 Fronarth Brenhines
(D) b.1977 v.60 black

Brenin Dafydd 4639
(D) b.1964 v. 48 black
15835 Fronarth Pride
(D) b.1963 v.47 dun

59586 Grwyne Sheena
(C) b.1977 v. 60 brown

Ebbw Welsh Prince 8209
(C) b.1969 v.52 chestnut

Cathedine Welsh Flyer 5757
(D) b.1966 v.49 bay
19728 Blaencwm Brown Baby
(D) b.1966 v.49 brown

23331 Bogey Shirley
(A) b.1967 v.50 dun

Hepste Periwinkle 3180
(A) b.1959 v.43 cream
Bogey Queenie No. 12111-FS2J
(A) b.1965 v.49 grey
Cooch and Children