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Balhagarty Stud is situated at East Balhagarty Farm Laurencekirk, 460 foot above sea level on the East Coast of Scotland where we, Jim and Gail Sephton and family have lived for the past 20 years.

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Prior to this we lived in Lancashire and spent 22 years establishing and running a successful riding school and livery yard.  During this time we always found a lack of hardy, versatile horses between 15 and 16 hands.
The type that is agile enough to complete a cross country or working hunter course, elegant enough to take part in dressage, kind enough to carry every member of the family and hardy enough to live out if needed.

We re-located to Scotland so that Jim could expand his herd of beef cattle.  This was an ideal opportunity for me to fulfill a life’s ambition to breed a few horses, what better type than the ones I could never find.  I then chose my Section D Welsh Cob stallion for his hardiness, good temperament and excellent conformation.  Crossed with TB and TB type mares they had the extra agility and speed to become competition horses. 

I believe in using the right blood stock and giving them as natural life as possible.  The stallion runs with his mares, the foals run with their mothers for as long as possible and the young stock run out in a herd.  This makes for hardy, well balanced animals.   I soon found that these horses proved very popular and started to expand the hobby, until it became Balhagarty Stud.

Soon feedback of their achievements in eventing, working hunter, showing and endurance made this work feel really worthwhile.   Twined with the joy of successful horses many of them have found their way into homes where they give there owners a lot of pleasure as family horses.  These versatile little horses can adapt to whatever job they are asked to do.

‘Mission Complete’

We invite you to come along and see if you would like to enjoy one of our horses!

Some of our horses